Our expertise

Sources du Lac d’Annecy is a destination filled with talents and tastes. You can trust local artisans and producers to provide you with the very best that the area has to offer. Enjoy fresh produce grown in the area and picked with care… develop a taste for simply being on vacation, and make your very own Madeleine cakes with a delicious cheese, artisanal dried sausage, seasonal organic vegetables. Savor the expertise of local beef-pork butchers, an important profession in Haute-Savoie that contributes to great local tastes. Here, cheese is iconic, a vital foodstuff if there ever was one, and all the local shops and specialists here have everything you need. For appetizers and drinks at your accommodations or to accompany a great local cheese, put your trust in our wine cellars and breweries, they know what they are doing and then some.