Patrimoine château à Faverges

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They are everywhere! There is the archeology museum, the Donjon des Seigneurs (Tower of the Lords of Faverges), the butterfly museum, and the many the local historically and culturally significant sites throughout the area: the chapels, stone wash basins, fountains, and bread ovens found in every village. The lifeblood of their community once upon a time, they owe their renewed popularity to a handful of die-hard locals who would like to maintain the area’s ancestral traditions. There are so many great reasons to light up the bread oven or put on a concert in a chapel – don’t miss the opportunity during your trip.

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Patrimoine savoie

Hidden curiosities

To venture even further, we have plenty of ideas for excursions to explore the monuments and heritage sites that shaped the seven townships at the far southern end of Lake Annecy (Sources du Lac d’Annecy).