Stay: Mom and Baby

The mom and baby stay package is made to provide new mothers with a safe and welcoming space to connect with their baby. Scheduled: a workshop with reflexology massage and a mom+baby yoga session to stimulate wellness.
66 chemin de Nanceau 74210 Lathuile



From 20/04 to 21/04/2024. Arrival on Saturday at 15:00 and departure on Sunday end of afternoon.




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You will also have time to relax and revitalise at Le Catarina, surrounded with moms and babies sharing the same interests.

Evertyhing was planned for you to think only about yourself and your baby.

Whether you are a pro yogi or just a new mom who wants to connect with other moms and focus on your own wellness, our Mom and Baby weekend is the perfect chance to take a break from daily life and take care of yourself and your little one.


Stay: Mom and Baby
66 chemin de Nanceau Lathuile