Mountain bike itinerary: Sambuy Express n°6 - Red

A cool and shaded downhill trail in the heart of the Bauges Mountains between La Sambuy and Faverges.
Parking de la Sambuy
Le Vargnoz
74210 Faverges-Seythenex



All year round. Subject to snow conditions.

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Track n°6 - RED 11.5km D+/- : 50m/650m Start from the far end of the carpark at the La Sambuy ski resort; follow the orange MTB markings for trail n°6. Enjoy spectacular views of the Bornes and Aravis Mountains as you enter the forest heading towards Pont de St Ruph Bridge. After several steep sections one after the other, turn right at a sharp curve. Continue riding straight as the terrain flattens through a wild-animal nature reserve. You will then arrive at the 1st road crossing with D112 road. Ride alongside the road for 200m and then turn left into the forest. At the 2nd road crossing, cross the road and ride by a chalet. Be sure to look up to enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains. After the 3rd road crossing, make a sharp left on the trail. Continue for a while along the trail, ride across a concrete bridge over Saint Ruph creek, and then if so inclined stop to cool off. Ride uphill until the next intersection and then turn right onto the dirt road. Follow signs to Glaise. Ride past the scree field on your left, and then along the curve veer left onto the trail that heads uphill. This is a narrow technical section with roots. In Glaise, continue riding down the road and turn left and then right onto a path bordering an open field. Pass through two livestock gates. From Favergettes, ride towards the rugby field. Continue riding along the fence until you reach the Digue sign («boulodrome»), then turn left and continue riding along the old wall. At «Caves du Chateau» turn left onto the home straight that leads to the Carré des Tisserands carpark. LOOKING FOR MORE Start your descent from the top of the chairlift at the summit of the La Sambuy ski resort and then link up with trail n°6. STILL WANT MORE From the Carré des Tisserands carpark, continue riding to Doussard Beach via loop n°1.


Mountain bike itinerary: Sambuy Express n°6 - Red
Parking de la Sambuy
Le Vargnoz