Itinéraire vtt : Le balcon n°7 Black

From the Carré des Tisserands carpark, cross Faverges via rue Nicolas Blanc and the dyke along the rugby pitch to get to the Parc des Pins. At the traffic light, keep straight to meet the cycle path towards Annecy.
Difficulté Level black - very hard
Distance 19.8 km
Commune de départ Faverges-Seythenex
Parking du Carré des Tisserands 74210 Faverges-Seythenex



All year round. Subject to snow conditions.

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Itinéraire vtt : Le balcon n°7 Black
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Parking du Carré des Tisserands Faverges-Seythenex



Track n°7 - BLACK
19,8km D+/- : 735m

Upon leaving Viuz continue along the cycle path to the plaine de Mercier forest for a warm-up before the long ascent to come. After crossing the cycle path one last time at "Sous les Murets", you are now approaching Vesonne hamlet. When you exit the hamlet before the bridge and the old sawmill, take the track to your right.
Here you are on the old route de Montmin ascending to Plan Montmin. Depending on the season, you may be lucky enough to see the waterfalls when you cross the brook. At the village's entrance where the road is less steep, take a look at the barometer on the bread oven.
When you exit Plan Montmin, before getting back on the track to your right, stay on the road for 400m so as to see the "7 fountains", famous, for the healing virtues of their water, wich were known as early as the middle Ages. Now retrace your steps to get back ont the track and follow the last ascent leading you to the Plan Solliet chalet before riding down the long slope to Saint-Ferreol. Be careful, this aera has a succession of technical hairpin bends.
Then, you get back to the peace and quiet when you cross the plaine d'Enfer. Once in Faverges on the route du Thovey, have a glance at the Gallo-Roman archeological site and a little bit further at the ice box under the castle's stairs.