Hike: Montmin hamlet

Go for a discovery of Montmin's 7 hamlets! Start from the church where you can already enjoy a gorgeous view of the valley.
Difficulté Level bue - Medium
Distance 7.2 km
Durée 2h00
Commune de départ Faverges-Seythenex
Parking de l'église de Montmin
74210 Faverges-Seythenex



All year round. Subject to snow conditions.


Free access.



Animals accepted

Animals accepted


Head towards the Villard and before going towards la Perrière hamlet, walk along the river to discover the remains of a mill.
Cross the hamlet and take the bridge to Plan Montmin.
Look up and behold the side of the mountain where houses are ornamented with statues saluting th processions coming through.
After you cross Plan Montmin hamlet, you reach the 7 fountains, the water of which is said to have magical virtues... And now, you can go back !

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