Hidden curiosities

Curiosity is a great quality to have! Explore, visit, and learn all about the area’s hidden heritage sites and monuments.

Chapels, lime kilns, water mills, and many more sites filled with history shaped the area’s seven townships: Faverges-Seythenex, Val de Chaise, Saint-Ferréol, Doussard, Chevaline, Lathuile, and Giez.

Chapelle de Chevaline - Patrimoine culturel à visiter

Chevaline Chapel

Built in the 12th century, the chapel contains so many works of art and historical treasures, including a magnificent and extremely rare altarpiece made with Cordovan leather. Visit the chapel during events organized by Les Amis de la Chapelle de Chevaline.

Chef-lieu de Chevaline – 74210 Chevaline

Patrimoine culturel à visiter à Val de Chaise

Cons Ste Colombe Lime Kilns

Ride your bike to explore the remains of an industry that disappeared at the end of the 19th century. This set of kilns, using limestone from the area, played a key role in the construction of such iconic buildings as the Haute-Savoie prefecture.

Chemin des Raffours – 74210 Val de Chaise

Visite au Hameau de Verthier à Doussard

Verthier Bridge

The old and bucolic village of Verthier lies along Eau Morte Creek right before it flows into Lake Annecy. Cross its lovely historical bridge that served as a toll once upon a time!

Hameau de Verthier – 74210 Doussard

Que faire à Saint-Ferréol

Saint-Ferreol Water Wheel

Are words needed to describe this magnificent water wheel? View it up close on a walk through the charming village of Saint-Ferréol. Visit the canal lock by walking along the waterway. Enjoy a peaceful, rejuvenating excursion.

Chef-lieu – 74210 Saint-Ferréol

Que visiter à Giez

Gy Farm

As you walk through this historic village, you can’t miss this extraordinary structure whose foundation was built 800 years ago. The vast and charming grounds give Giez its character, and make the place ideal for a wedding!

Learn more on the immersive tours organized at various times during the year.

307 route du Thovey – 74210 Giez

Four à pain à Lathuile

Chaparon Bread Oven

A national treasure, bread is also a local tradition. Certain villages in the area, like Chaparon, still have their old communal bread oven and fire it up on a regular basis to enjoy savoring a small taste of yesteryear! It also offers the chance to chat with neighbors – just the type of friendly social gathering that everyone needs.

126 route du four – 74210 Lathuile

Faverges “Glacière”

Do you know how a refrigerator and freezer work? Learn about the ancestor to these essential appliances; an ice house with no electricity is connected to Faverges Castle and marks the start of a short walk that takes you to the latter.

125 route du Thovey – 74210 Faverges-Seythenex

Seythenex Bridge

The bridge connects the center of Seythenex to the hamlets of La Raynoz and Le Tertenoz. This pioneering piece of modern architecture was built in 1912 and renovated one hundred years later. Children in the area enjoy views of the surrounding mountains as they ride their bikes or walk across it on their way to school.

Along the main RD road between Frontenex and the center of Seythenex

Marlens Banc du Droit – Justice Bench

Sit down on a bench for five minutes with… the council of the wise. Learn about a piece of Marlens history on the “ban di dret” (“banc du droit” or “justice bench” in local patois), which served as the court of justice to rule on disputes between neighbors and where town rulings were posted. It bore witness to everything way back when…

Route de la Flamme Olympique dans le centre du village – 74210 Val de Chaise

Locomotive sur la piste cyclable

Breedannaz Locomotive

What’s more normal than a locomotive along a bike trail? Are your surprised? And yet, it totally makes sense! The bike path you’ve so enjoyed riding on today used to be where the train tracks ran between Annecy and Albertville by way of Les Sources du Lac d’Annecy. A genuine hidden treasure that you just have to see!

Bike path – Bredannaz section (near Au Coup de Pompe) – 74210 Doussard