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Laurie, the creator

A Vinyasa and Hatha yoga instructor since 2014, Laurie originally trained in Bali, and through her travels has little by little added other skills to her expertise. Her main focus is health and well-being.

Friendly and kind hearted, she offers the opportunity to enter her world through group classes, silent meditation, or sound baths. Feeling good in the air or on terra firma, that is Laurie’s specialty. Enjoy a journey through your own imagination.

Background: from physical activity to spiritual discovery

A phenomenal athlete, Laurie has always had great spatial awareness. After a snowboarding fall, she began to understand that the body is more than simply a physical vessel and started to explore and nourish her psyche, soul, and spiritual energy. From this specific event she discovered a new “intangible world” involving both the conscious and subconscious mind.

Laurie now offers the opportunity explore the concept of interpersonal relationships and to make the connection between the body, mind, and emotion.

Creativity, confidence, and support

Since 2017, at Artboréesens, Laurie provides support to her students. Through a performance or in class, support and self-reliance are the foundation for building a story. The resulting creativity and gains allow students to develop their curiosity and self-confidence.

What can you do with Laurie?

Visit her website,, to view the schedule for the current year and to contact Laurie. She teaches circus lessons for kids and teens, and acrobatics classes for adults. Coming soon: sound journeys and wellness courses.

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