In Sources du Lac d’Annecy we simply love the change of seasons, so different, so varied, so many actitivies to enjoy during each. The changing colors make the landscapes feel so different, as life adapts to the varying temperatures.

The sound of leaves crackling beneath our feet and the distinct earthy scentof mushrooms in the air as we wander on and off the forest trails in fall; the almost silent sound fresh snow makes with each step along with the comforting smell of a wood burning in the fireplace and a hearty soup in winter; the northerly “bise” wind and green exploding everywhere in spring; warm days and life in the mountain pastures and on the beach in summer.


In summer, enjoy the lake’s mesmerizing color and refreshing temperature, the beaches, the crowds, the true “vacation” atmosphere, too many outdoor sports to count, and spending time in the water and in the air. How about taking a swim in the lake in the morning and exploring the forest in the afternoon?

Enjoy any and every activity possible in summer: in the air, on land, in the water… don’t miss the chance to try them all!


A welcome relief after the summer crowds and heat, fall is the ultimate season for simply pondering it all.

Enjoy hikes through the woods on trails covered in a blanket of crackling leaves, picking mushrooms, gathering chestnuts, and other simple pleasures.

Enjoy the sunny days riding your bike on the empty country roads through the area’s quaint villages and remote hamlets.


In winter, the placid crystal clear blue waters of Lake Annecy reflect the area’s rocky spires and wild snow-covered peaks, providing a truly unforgettable sight to see.

The cold, the snow as it sparkles in the sunlight, skiing, games, cheese fondue that warms your belly and breathtaking views of the forest and mountains covered in their white winter blanket…



Spring, with its many colors, blooming flowers, wonderful strolls through verdant alpine meadows, and picking “wild garlic,” a strong-smelling edible plant that tastes great and is used in certain local cheeses.

Spring, when nature reawakens, is the idea season for spending time in the great outdoors, from the lake, to the rivers, to the lush green forests.