Thrills paragliding flight

A special flight made for thrill-seekers, aerobatics alternating with peacefulness, to get your fill of adrenaline while enjoying the view of Lake Annecy and Mont Blanc.
Station de la Sambuy
Le Vargnoz
74210 Faverges-Seythenex



In summer, when La Sambuy ski resort and its chairlift are open.

Moyens de paiement

Bank/credit card, Check, Cash

Langues parlées

English, French


You're a fan of roller-coasters? This flight is made for you! Combining discovery flight with the gentle version of the aerobatics flight. It's the perfect compromise to discover our playground, gain height and get your fill of adrenaline before getting back on the ground. Programme: spirals facing Earth, wing overs, asymmetrical 360°.


Thrills paragliding flight
Station de la Sambuy
Le Vargnoz